Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cross Section of My Tongue

Ok, so for the next however long I shall be listening to this playlist because it was recommended by a youtuber I enjoy listening to and I want to experience music I have not experienced before and many of the songs on the playlist will be brand new to me. Soulmates intrigues me. And it's true. Meanwhile, this entry is about food, mostly. It is here because it might reveal something even more about me, if you want to see. I hope you to. I trust you do. So let's go.

I don't know why I love shrimp so much. It is certainly not a childhood comfort food because, as a young child, most foods grossed me out. The only seafood I would eat was extremely mashed up tuna with a ton of mayonnaise (and nothing tlse added). I was a purist about many of the foods I did each. Spaghetti was only edible if it was #9 thin and covered in butter and ketchup. Not #8 or any other size, not tomato or any other sauces, not even margerine and no other ketchup but Heinz. Eggs had to be scrambled, not running, and without ketchup they would not go near my mouth.

As for meats, hamburgers had to be juicy and covered with cheese and ketchup, the more cheese and ketchup the better and always on big buns. Hot dogs had to have ketchup and mustard, I could be flexible about the mustard, but the hot dogs had to be all beef unless they were push-cark Sabretts or Nathans (which I think were all beef anyway). I didn't eat steak at all. Nor chicken, though I started eating fried chicken somewhere along the way. BLT sandwiches had to be on soft rolls, not on any other bread. Deli meats were pastrami and sometimes corned beef, that is it. Pizza was plain or pepperoni, that's it.

Sugars could not be mixed, I was very strict about that. Candy sugar was refined while sugar, that's it. I am still not a fan of honey or molasses. Fruit sugar could not mix with candy sugar, ever. I did not eat any fruit except apples, peeled, and orange juice (not oranges). Texture played a huge part in my choices. Meat textures were gross, as were fish textures and fruit pulp and many other textures. I did not like chewing foods, except prepared BLTs and cheeseburgers and hot dogs and deli meats and and tuna sandwiches specific cheeses as described above. French fries had to be crisp, except Nathans, though I preferred those crisp too and had to learn to enjoy them.

My diet, until I was in my teens, was basically spaghetti, cheese burgers, meatballs (but not mixed with the spaghetti and only with garlic bread), hot dogs, franks and beans (only Heinz vegetarian beans), tuna fish sandwiches, BTLs, pizza, pastrami sandwiches, specific knishes, crisp french fries, bagels with cream cheese and lox {smoked salmon), cream cheese and jelly sandwiches... not sure if there were too many other foods. In my teens I expanded into lasagna and other Italian pasta dishes, stuffed cabbage and other deli foods (still no chewy meats), added onions on pizzas, and a few other foods.

In my twenties I learned to explore seafoods, starting with shellfish. They had to be in cheese sauces or fried. Eventually I learned to love all fish and tolerate chicken, but it must be moist - like buttery moist. Steak, only filet mignon or ribeye and only rare or medium rare. Again, it's all about the texture. I prefer meat foods that do not require major chewing and meat fats must dissolve (once I learned to eat them... for a long time I gagged on meat fats unless they were juicy hamburgers or hot dogs).

I even had issues with any chocolates that were not milk chocolate. Ice cream had to be vanilla or chocolate and vanilla had to have chocolate fudge sauce (not syrup) and absolutely nothing else, no fruits, no nuts, nothing else. Maybe whipped cream, but only it is was thick. Cake had to be seriously moist and have a whole lot of icing and I still prefer more icing than cake when I eat cakes. No fruits. I didn't start enjoying pies until my twenties and took some time to learn to enjoy the taste of cooked fruit.

All in all, my taste buds were almost as particular as my libido, which, if you've visited Libboland, is rather selective (overly so, if you ask anyone but me). Perhaps all of my senses are so specifically challenging to please. Perhaps that is how my brain is wired, to put everything in multi-layered sensual analysis. Maybe I do that to people too. Maybe that is why no one ever really reached my core, though I guarantee people have gotten closer to my core than most people have allowed. I trust unconditionally and let people in, I just don't hide what I enjoy and do not enjoy. Who really wants that sort of honesty, aye?

So there is another view, a kind of cross section of my tongue, so to speak.

Are we friends yet?

Narf. :)