Saturday, September 21, 2019


Today, these days, for a while now, I don't play with others, other than an occasional exchange with Jackson on Words with Friends, two softball leagues, a rare gathering of social groups, and work, nothing, nada, zilch. It's not for lack of opportunity, as I skipped softball with the pick up games this morning, it's choice. I am not much interested in people. I used to want to save the world and help everyone, literally, giving myself and "it all" away all the time, but I've grown tired of people. Humans are so... sad. I don't want to belong. I should be sad, but I am accepting my aloneness and enjoying myself my myself more than I ever have. The dream of falling in love or just finding a best friend to share daily life with is not dead, but it is definitely in a deep sleep. I don't know it it will ever wake from hibernation, or if anyone can influence me to wake up anymore, but there's always hope (the smile is so content with this, it's is not quie glee, but it is joyous to be happy as I am... maybe a little glee {giggle}).

So how are you, posterity?*

Narf :)

*The song is almost me, thought I don't believe anyone or anything is watching over me, not someone in particular or an sort of deity or divinity or whatever, so the song is not perfect for me, but posterity, you are watching over me, someday, somewhere, somehow, someone might find these words and that is why I leave them here.